Version: ATLAS 3.10.0

System: 1 GHz ARM Cortex A9 (Pandaboard)

Compiler: gcc 4.6.3 using configure -Si archdef 0 -D c -DATL_NONIEEE=1 -D c -DATL_ARM_HARDFP=1 -Fa alg -mfloat-abi=hard to build on Ubuntu 12.04 (which uses the hard floating point ABI) and enable NEON instructions

Comments: Single processor speeds are very similar to ATLAS 3.8.4 ARM (not surprising because the GEMM kernels are the same), but 3.10.0 makes better use of multiple cores, and has better performance on single and double precision complex LU factorizations. We expect better multi-threaded performance to be the major practical benefit of switching to 3.10.0.

Matrix Multiply Matrix Multiply (Threaded) LU Factorization LU Factorization (Threaded)

GEMM Data File

Threaded GEMM Data File

GETRF Data File

Threaded GETRF Data File

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