Version: ATLAS 3.8.4 ARM

System: 1 GHz ARM Cortex A9 (Pandaboard)

Compiler: gcc 4.5.2

Comments: On the A9, single-processor single-precision GEMM reaches a peak of 1.5 gigaflops, and thanks to the much improved VFP unit, double precision reaches a peak of 800 megaflops. Using two cores, single precison peaks at 2.5 gigaflops, and double at 1.2 gigaflops. Soultion of linear equations using GETRF approaches the GEMM peak speed for N greater than 1000, with 2.2 gigaflops single and 1.1 gigaflops double at N = 2000. These speeds, achievable on smartphones and tablets today, match those of a capable desktop workstation from 2000.

Matrix Multiply Matrix Multiply (Threaded) LU Factorization LU Factorization (Threaded)

GEMM Data File

Threaded GEMM Data File

GETRF Data File

Threaded GETRF Data File

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