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ATLAS 3.10 with ARM support has been released. This is the latest stable version of the mainline ATLAS distribution, and the first to include ARM support, including VFP and NEON. It's available from the ATLAS download page on Sourceforge.

See our FAQ for a discussion of the differences from 3.8.4 ARM (especially the fact that NEON is not enabled by default), and instructions for building 3.10 with NEON and building on systems like Ubuntu 12.04 and later that use the hard floating-point ABI.

Benchmarks for ATLAS 3.10.0 using NEON are here. Since 3.10 gives better performance for multiprocessor systems, and will be supported with bug fixes and enhancements in the future, we strongly recommend ATLAS 3.8.4 ARM users move to 3.10.

We'll continue to make ATLAS 3.8.4 ARM available here for stubborn users who don't want to upgrade, but we are no longer bug fixing or supporting ATLAS 3.8.4 ARM.

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