System: 1 GHz ARM Cortex A9 (Pandaboard)

Compiler: gcc 4.4.5 (native)

Configure settings for single: --enable-single --enable-neon --enable-armv7a-cycle-counter ARM_CPU_TYPE=cortex-a9

Configure settings for double: --enable-armv7a-cycle-counter ARM_CPU_TYPE=cortex-a9

Comments: In 2000, a dual-processor system where each core had 1 GF single and 600 MF double precision performance (on something relatively hard to optimize, like an FFT) was a decent workstation. Today, it's a decent cell phone.

Complex 1-D Powers of Two Complex 1-D Non-powers of Two Real 1-D Powers of Two Real 1-D Non-powers of Two Complex 2-D Powers of Two Complex 2-D Non-powers of Two Real 2-D Powers of Two Real 2-D Non-powers of Two Complex 3-D Powers of Two Complex 3-D Non-powers of Two Real 3-D Powers of Two Real 3-D Non-powers of Two

Detailed NEON timing data for single precision

Detailed NEON timing data for double precision

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