Vesperix Corporation

Vesperix Corporation is a small business performing innovative research and development for government and corporate customers. Our work focuses on novel systems and methods for communication, sensing, and navigation.

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August 2022:

Vesperix has been selected by the Air Force Research Laboratory to build a Ku-band Synthetic Aperture Radar system for GPS-denied navigation. Under a direct-to-Phase 2 SBIR contract, Vesperix and our teammate Leidos will build and fly our radar on a UAV, recognizing and correlating ground features seen by the SAR to update the UAV's position. The SAR used in this program is based on our VXSDR-20-600 software defined radio.

May 2022:

Our software defined radio family is expanding with he addition of the wideband VXSDR-20-600. Like the earlier VXSDR-20-160, the new model covers 5 - 20 GHZ, but with a 600 MSPS sample rate and 40 gigabit Ethernet. An optional Nvidia Orin module provides onboard processing and control.

September 2021:

Vesperix has developed a new microwave software defined radio. The VXSDR-20-160 covers the 5 - 20 GHz frequency range, with transmit and receive at 160 million samples per second, and a 10 gigabit Ethernet interface. More information on the VXSDR-20-160 is available at our software defined radio site

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